Are you looking to revamp your home in the New Year? These are the top five 2015 décor trends you should be aware of.

1. A blend of global influences

An artful curation of elements from various cultures will be very popular this year. Expect to see a fusion of bold Moroccan tile with Scandanavian minimalist furniture and a rich blend of textures, colours and intricate patterns, from ikat to cow-print and silk to vintage leather.

Decor - Moroccan influence
Image credit: AandBstories

2. Inviting Mother Nature indoors

Plant life is an essential addition to your space this year, so feel free to introduce potted plants to a sunny area in your living room. If you’re not the gardening type, invest in a tiny succulent or terrarium which requires very little care. Another emerging trend is the use of natural wood and sustainable eco-friendly materials in furniture. Also keep an eye out for modern art and prints inspired by green landscapes as well as tabletops and chairs made of recycled wood or tree trunks.

Decor trends - natural accents
Image credit: Homestyle

3. Gold fixtures and accents

This was a huge trend in the early 20’s and it is making a massive comeback this year. From brushed-gold faucets to accents on crockery and other décor, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of this covetable shade.

Decor trends - Gold accents
Image credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

4. Geometric shapes and designs

Geometric shapes and designs are trending. From decorative lamps, tiles to wallpaper and prints – modern geometric designs will dominate the décor space this year.

Decor trends - geometric
Image credit: BHG

4. Dark walls

We’ve all been told that white walls add space and light, but this year the trendsetters are opting for dramatic dark walls in moody charcoal, black and blue. Expect Marsala (Pantone’s Colour of the Year) to be a popular choice as well.

Decor trends - dark walls
Image credit: The Selby

Which of these décor trends will you try? Tell us in the comments box below.

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