Try these essential mascara hacks for gorgeous peepers – every time.

mascara hacks

1. Navy blue mascara is your new best friend

Navy blue brightens the whites of your eyes, making it the perfect addition to your morning after make-up arsenal. It’s also a much softer alternative to stark black, so opt for this hue during the day instead.

2. Do not pump

Pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube, increases the risk of bacteria growth, and dries out your wand and product faster. Instead, remove the wand from the tube in one circular motion, carefully wiping off excess product at the rim.

3. For thicker lashes, wiggle the wand

Instead of applying mascara in one slick move, try wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes in order to boost their thickness. By doing this, you will fan out the lashes at the base and get more product between them, creating volume.

4. Use a card to reach the base of your lashes

It can be really tricky to get to the base of your lashes without smudging your make-up, especially when using a really thick wand. Trying using a clean card to lift your lid up so that you can easily apply the product to the base of your lashes.

5. Apply powder underneath your eye before application

To reduce smudges beneath your eye, apply a little bit of powder to the area. Or remove any smudges with a Q-tip. To remove smudges, dip a Q-tip in saline solution, press it firmly on the smudge and just roll it around once. This should swiftly remove smudges and excess product. You can also use this trick when applying eyeliner or lipstick.

For 10 more excellent mascara hacks, check out the PopSugar video below.

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