Life’s too short not to invest in fun kitchen tools. These are the cooking gadgets we can’t do without.

6 kitchen tools every foodie needs

1. Le Creuset Venus Spatula Spoons

This versatile little spatula is the key to minimizing waste. It’s small enough to fit into even the smallest containers, and it’s really easy to clean. Perfect for scraping the last bit of Nutella from the jar!

2. Aerolatte Steam Free Milk Frother

Make cappuccinos in seconds with this handy gadget. Within seconds, this frother turns 50ml of cold milk into 250ml of creamy froth. It’s also beautiful, compact and battery-operated which means you can whip up all manner of frothy drinks right at the table.

3. Yuppiechef Multi Blade Herb Scissor

Chopping herbs can be incredibly time-consuming. These smart herb scissors will evenly chop fresh herbs in seconds, right over the stove.

4. Master Class Stainless Steel Flavour Injector

Use this tool to inject juices and additional flavour into meat after roasting. Despite this not being its intended purpose – we also use it to inject filling into baked goods.

5. Kitchen Craft Avocado Saver and Holder

Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with avocados? They’re never perfectly ripe when you buy them and you often have to wait days for them to become perfectly soft. And as soon as they do and you open them, they start going brown. Well this handy little tool at least takes care of the latter. Simply attach it to the remaining avocado half before refrigeration and it will block out the oxygen that turns avocados brown, keeping them fresh and tasty for longer!

6. Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Bird

This little gadget won’t just herald in a new age of delicious crisp pie crust into your kitchen, but it’s also really adorable. We’d suggest you display it as a decorative ornament on your counter top. We would.

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