The long bob, or ‘lob’ as coined by InStyle magazine, is the must-have hair trend for 2015. Are you ready for the chop? 

Taylor Swift recently chopped off her long wavy locks in favour of a layered long bob. Her 20s-inspired wavy bangs complete the look. Karlie Kloss opted for a slightly longer, low-maintenance version of the trend.

Celeb beauty - long bob

If you’re brave enough to opt for something shorter, the blunt wavy bob is making a comeback too. Add gorgeous ombre colour or highlights, like Jordan Dunn or choose tighter, more glamourous curls, like Lily Collins.

Celeb beauty - long bob

Tips for a perfect look

1. See a professional: A professional stylist will be able to recommend a style to suit the shape of your face and your features. Do not attempt to create this look at home.
2. For sleek curls, use a curling iron. Apply a product to protect your hair from heat damage before styling, such as argan oil. When curling your hair, curl every second strand in the opposite direction. This will help you create perfect waves.
3. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you will use your curling iron often. Invest in a nourishing hair oil to apply after styling.
4. Treat your hair to an argan oil mask every week to keep your locks looking healthy and manageable. Damaged roots and frizz will completely ruin your long bob.
5. Experiment with colour. Opt for bold red like Emma Stone, an on-trend pastel shade or gentle highlights.
6. If you’re feeling adventurous, complete the look with bangs. Get your stylist to recommend the best length for you.

All images via Harper’s Bazaar | Getty Images

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