Creativity is the key to decorating on a budget. Use these décor hacks to give your home a completely new look.

1. Use a mirror to create the illusion of space

decor hacks - mirror
Introducing a large mirror or reflective items to a small space is a cost-effective way of making a room look bigger. Start by placing a floor-length mirror opposite an entrance or window to create the illusion of a second source of natural light and space.

2. Get creative with paint.

decor hacks - Paint
Paint is an effective way of breathing new life into older features of your home. Paint older pieces of furniture in a cheerful colour or experiment with various hues, such as the ombre staircase featured above.

3. Reupholster small pieces

decor hacks - Reupholstery
Instead of splurging on new furniture, reupholster old items using trendy new fabrics.

4. Update your bathroom with luxurious amenities.

decor hacks - Bathroom
Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with high-thread-count towels and glamorous amenities.

5. Add cheer to your walls with creative techniques.

decor hacks - Frame
To dress up empty walls, purchase vintage frames and create your own art to display or display family pictures in a more modern grid of white frames. This will create a wonderful conversation piece when having guests over.

Which tricks and tips have you used to add glamour to your space? Leave your comments below. 

Image credits: Mirror | Paint | Reupholstery | Bathroom | Frames

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