Double-breasted with ruffled sleeves, peacock-tailed or hooded with ruche detail…. The variety of coats styles available this winter will completely overwhelm even the most experienced shopper. Here’s how to choose a stylish, good-quality winter coat that will suit you.

Find the perfect coat for your shape:

To avoid looking drowned in a heavy winter coat, buy a short one with three-quarter length sleeves, which will show off your legs and make your arms appear longer. Choose a coat that is well-tailored and hugs your curves, creating the sleekest possible silhouette. A funnel-shaped Peter Pan collar will also help you appear taller as it lengthens your décolleté.

A double-breasted coat adds width to your torso and a flared peacock detail at the back will add shape to your hips, giving you a more pronounced waist. Sleeves with ruched detail will take attention away from long, lanky arms and add a little width as well. Puffed-sleeves also hide masculine shoulders.

Find a well-tailored coat that will hide your hips and emphasise your shoulders, creating a more streamlined silhouette. Your coat should have prominent detail on the torso area, such as a large collar or shoulder pads to ensure that your upper half is more pronounced. Okay, we’re not talking about the giant shoulder pads your mom wore back in the ’80s, but a little bit of padding won’t hurt. A more modern option for pear-shaped fashionistas is the trapeze-style or empire-line swing coat – the top half of the coat neatly hugs the shoulders and chest and then flares out just above the stomach. This look cleverly camouflages a tummy and wide hips.

When it comes to choosing a coat for your shape, it’s all about the details. A fabric belt or tie that will bunch at the stomach is a total no-no. Apple-shaped ladies should opt for a shorter coat is cinched in at the waist with a slimming, wide black belt– to give you a more pronounced waist. Darts at the waist of the coat creates a more shapely figure. An A-line swing coat that flares out from below the torso will balance out the top half of your body with your lower half. If you’re opting for a longer coat, pick a tailored jacket with a full skirt.

Hourglass figure
A sleek well-tailored coat will show off your figure perfectly. Opt for a light jacket in soft comfortable material or wool that will wrap around your curves comfortably without creating bulkiness. To conceal a broad chest, choose a double-breasted coat. Don’t wear a standard bulky belt as it will add extra volume to your figure. Rather opt for a soft leather belt.

Tips for choosing the perfect coat
• A flattering coat is timeless, so don’t follow every fashion fad. Buy one great-fitting, warm, quality coat that perfectly suits your style and your wardrobe.
• Your coat must be well-tailored, regardless of what style it is. Your sleeves should not be too wide, the shoulders should be well-fitted and sleeve seams should sit on the end of your shoulder, no lower.
• When choosing a coat, consider the weather in the area you stay in. If temperatures are freezing during winter, invest in a jacket with a thick lining. Don’t buy a cashmere or suede coat if it rains a lot in your area. If the temperatures are not too low, buy a lighter coat.
• To save on cost, buy next year’s coat in the last few weeks of this winter, when all coats are on sale. If you find something you like, but it’s not available in your size, ask a reputable tailor to make the necessary adjustments.

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