We show you how to get this alluring red-carpet look.


Make-up tips and tricks

Start your red-carpet transition by smoothing foundation over your face, blending it well into your hairline and jaw line. When choosing a foundation, test the colour on the inside of your arm to ensure you buy a colour that is a perfect match to your skin colour. Cover any blemishes or spots with a concealer stick and blend into your foundation.

In order to create a flawless glow, brush translucent powder on your face, paying special attention to your forehead, nose and cheeks. Brush with a large round brush in circular motions and be very careful not to over-apply. You don’t want to end up looking like the friendly ghost. Lightly apply a honey or coral blush on your cheekbones to add some warmth to your face.

Next line the inside of your eyelids in black eyeliner. Using a neutral eye shadow, apply a stroke of colour over your lower lid, ending just above the lid crease. Blend this colour just under the brow bone to emphasise the colour and shape of your eye. Slick a coat of black mascara onto your lashes.

Make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly shaped. Your eyebrows are your most important beauty asset as they frame your face. To save yourself the hassle, book an appointment at a beauty clinic to have you brows waxed and shaped every month. Invest in a great pair of tweezers so that you can pluck stray hairs between appointments.

Lastly, line your lips with a red or berry-toned colour, then fill with a liquid lip colour to give your lips that red-carpet siren look and you’re ready to shine like a star on any special occasion.

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