It’s time to learn the rebound reflex. We show you how to get over life’s setbacks without a hitch.

Sometimes it seems as if life’s just waiting for everything to go your way before blindsiding you with a break-up or job loss. And when that happens, it may seem easier to just sit there and take it rather than staying positive or making the best of your situation. But learning how to face life’s challenges head-on is one of the most important elements of success.

Here’s how to bounce back if…

1. You’re going through a break up
When you’re suddenly dropped by the love of your life you probably won’t want to do anything other than spend a month in bed reminiscing about how great things were. It’s okay to wallow for a week until you have the closure you need, but then you need to get out there, try new things and unleash your fabulous single self on the world! Stop blaming yourself for the break-up, be honest with yourself and consider the real reasons why your relationship failed. Chances are you’ll realise that he wasn’t the guy for you, which means there’s someone even cooler waiting around the corner!

2. You lost your job
Your boss showed you the door and you’re about to explode with rage and humiliation. Focus on solving the problem instead of worsening it. So, in order to preserve your reputation, have a good rant to your best friend instead of trashing your boss’ office. Look at the situation from a positive perspective. Perhaps you were miserable at work and this was the catalyst you needed to update your CV and start looking for a new job. Remember, what you enjoyed most and least about your last job will help you make better career choices in future.

3. You had a fall-out with your best friend
You’ve had a massive fight with your best friend and she hasn’t spoken to you in weeks. As friends, you’ll either grow together or grow apart as you both start to live independently and create your own opinions. Don’t worry: if your friendship is strong, you can survive anything. But when you start to clash on important things and you no longer share the same values, it may be time to make new friends. Either way, this experience will give you some insight into whether you still want this person in your life. Be open to the right answer.

Survive life’s sucker punches:
1. When life throws you a curve ball it’s important to focus on the positive and persevere for as long as you can. Don’t allow minor things to get you down, and avoid settling for less. Rather learn what you can from the situation and chalk it up to life experience.

2. Whenever you feel down, use your friends as a sounding board. Talking about your setbacks will help you cope and your friends might have some good advice to offer.

3. Always remember the times when you did succeed, or times when you faced adversity and won. This will motivate you to keep going.

4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself regardless of how bad the situation is. Looking (and feeling) good will give you the confidence you need to tackle your problem.

5. Some believe that bad things happen so that we can learn from our mistakes. So when you’ve overcome your obstacles, always remember the lesson learned.

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