It’s just a few weeks until Christmas and everyone is heading to the shopping malls to hunt down the perfect gifts for their loved ones. These essential tips will help you get your shopping sorted in one trip.

Give the perfect gift

Consider the message

When shopping for gifts, we often think first of what that person would want or need, and whether that fits within our specific budget. But the most important consideration is the message you want your gift to convey. Think about what your gift needs to project, before you buy.

Consider the recipient’s circumstances

The second step in finding the perfect gift is considering your friends circumstances. For example, to a new mom, nothing says “I have your back” like a spa voucher. Gift voucher may seem like an easy option, but to someone who has everything, a gift voucher may be welcome, so that they can use it later during the year on something they really need.

Do your research

The next step is to jot down as much information you have available on the recipient. What are their likes and dislikes? Are there any topics their particularly passionate about? Have they dropped hints on gifts they covet earlier in the year?

Mind the curveball

Secret Santa and corporate gifts are often the most difficult gifts to purchase, as you’re unlikely to know the recipient very well. Before you start thinking that you can get away with a gag gift as long as your name’s not on it, do a bit of research first. Ask people who know the recipient well for their ideas, as well as more information on their personality, tastes and hobbies.

Other tips and tricks:

1. Ask the person to create a wish list to help you narrow down the perfect gift. Request at least ten options to help maintain the element of surprise.
2. Decide on your shopping list before you hit the mall and jot down two substitute gift ideas per person, in case you can’t find your first pick.
3. Carefully map out your budget and your shopping trip to ensure you don’t overspend or exhaust yourself on the day. Or shop online. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that you don’t have to brave a single shopping mall over the festive season. Plus, most online stores offer free delivery during the festive season. Just make sure to place your orders before the Christmas delivery cut-off date, to ensure that they make it to you on time.

Happy shopping and happy giving!

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