Feeling spontaneous? Follow our five steps to an unforgettable, fuss-free last-minute family getaway.

Last-minute perfect getaway

1. Choose an accessible destination

Selecting a random destination may have been thrilling ten years ago, but with your family in tow, last-minute expensive, long-haul flights are not an option. Instead, you’ll want to select a destination that is easily, and cost-effectively accessible. Confirm your destination atleast a full month before you need to leave.

2. Do your research

Once you’ve confirmed your destination and the duration of your stay, you’ll want to do as much research as possible. You’ll need basic information, such as the weather, most commonly used languages and the currency. You’ll also need to know what the main attractions are, so that you can ensure a rich travel experience. We’d recommend you try travel apps such as Travelstart, for cost-effective last-minute flights and Tripadvisor, for relevant and honest peer reviews and recommendations on hotel, restaurants and activities.

3. Get your documents in order

Work through this essential checklist:
• Do research on the minimum visa requirements and tourist restrictions for your destination. You need assurance that you will be permitted entry at your chosen destination.
• Consider how you will travel at your destination. Will you need to rent a vehicle or do you need to book airport transfers? If you rent a vehicle, will you require an international driver’s permit?
• Are your passports valid for at least six months?

4. Make a budget

It’s important to consider key expenses for your trip before you book. Draw up a budget for your expected expenditures and consider the affordability of your trip. You may have already budgeted for food and accommodation, but remember that activities like tours and souvenirs will also add to your expenses.

Other points to consider:
• Will you require foreign currency? And can you afford the exchange rate?
• Do you have travel insurance?

5. Key checklists
Don’t forget to pack:

• A list of useful phone numbers – for your travel insurance provider, your bank.
• Toiletries and medication
• Keep medication in your hand luggage and remember the 100ml liquid rule
• Clothing suitable for your holiday
• Suncream and sunglasses
• Travel adapters and chargers for any electrical items you take
• A camera
• Entertainment such as books, mp3 players, games and toys

Before you leave your home:

• Switch all electrical items off at the socket
• Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries
• Ask a trusted neighbour to move your post to prevent it piling up
• Sort out pet care
• Check your route to the airport for any potential delays that could affect you
• Reconfirm your flight details
• Create the affect you’re at home with timers on lights etc
• Ensure all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house

Enjoy your holiday!

Which holiday destination are you headed to this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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