Temperatures may have plummeted, but your fashion sense doesn’t have to follow. The trick to surviving winter is layering your clothes in order to cleverly combat the winter elements. We show you how.

A solid foundation

It may seem tempting to wear bulky jerseys and jackets on abysmal rainy days, but is not the most stylish way to keep warm. The trick to creating a sleek silhouette is to stylishly layer on as many tight-fitting items of clothing as possible, starting with your foundation layer.


Stretchy, seamless camisoles and T-shirts make the perfect foundation layer, as they are flattering and won’t bunch up underneath your other tops. Use as many thin layers as you like and experiment with as many lengths and colours as you like. A little bit of detail in the décolletage area or on the bottom hem that will seductively peek out under your tops will add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit. You can find them in various colours and lengths to match and complement your outfit. There’s no need to buy new pieces of clothing for winter. Keep your summer camisoles and t-shirts in your closet for layering purposes.

Bright ideas

Your second layer will be the most visible element of your outfit, so it’s best to stock up on superstylish knits and tops. Create cute combinations by wearing shirts under V-necks or cowl necks, or try something flirty and feminine by layering light fabrics to soften a structured winter look. Play around with patterns and textures and pair tops in complementary colours such as black and bright yellow together.

Cover up

Your last layer will consist of a jacket, coat or thick, long jersey. In order to maintain a slim, sleek silhouette, buy a jacket that is well tailored. For a sophisticated look, wear a black cropped jacket that is tucked in neatly at the waist. If you’re looking for something trendier, cover up with puffer jacket or this season’s sensational leather biker jacket.

To ensure you look fabulous throughout the winter season, buy one jacket in a standard colour, such as black and wear it over various colour combinations and layers.


  • Ensure that the colours and patterns on each of the layers don’t clash.
  • Vary the lengths so that each top peeks out underneath its top layer for the full effect. Your foundation layer will be the longest one so it needs to skim your waist.
  • Focus on complementing your silhouette. You don’t want to bulk up your torso or end up with stocky-looking legs. Use only slim-fitting clothes that skim your waist when layering, and team with bootleg jeans and high heels to make your legs appear longer.
  • Mix and match your items for added flair. Mix a few different pieces and try teaming new patterns with different colours. You’ll be surprised at what works.
  • Stock up on basics items such as a black cardigan, flesh-coloured seamless camisoles and white shirts, and start building your outfits on them.
  • Wear black on top as a last layer as it is a slimming colour. This will always appear make you look slimmer, regardless of how many layers you have piled on.
  • When it comes to layering from the waist down it gets a little tricky as it can make you look short and stocky. Invest in a thick pair of winter tights, which you can wear under your jeans. High-heeled knee-length boots will add a little height to your body and you’ll be able to add an extra pair of knee socks under the layer of leather.

    Now throw on a hat and a scarf and you are ready to fashionably face the winter weather!

    What are your essential layering hacks? Share yours, by leaving a comment below.

    Image credit: Asos.com

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