The masculine fashion trend is very popular right now. We tell you how to wear the must-haves hiding in your guy’s wardrobe.

Masculine style

It’s hard to believe that, just few decades ago, pants were considered boys-only fashion attire. It’s a good thing times have changed because we wear them so much better.

This is a great trend to experiment with and can easily be worked into your daily wardrobe. Start off with a few understated outfits – a sharply tailored blazer with over a floral dress, or a long shirt over a pencil skirt. Think power dressing but with a feminine twist. Or add some structure to your harem pants with a cropped blazer – perfect for a night out on the town!

Masculine style

The rules

1. Always tone down baggy pants with a fitted top. And vice versa.

2. If you’re wearing loose items on the top and bottom, cinch in your outfit at the waist with a wide belt.

3. Soften your look by opting for a pastel-coloured blazer instead.

4. Don’t hide your curves underneath tailored items. This look is all about drawing a contrast between masculine and feminine, so team structured items with more delicate, tight-fitting items for a well-balanced look.

5. A dark, tailored wardrobe is the perfect canvas for jewellery. Invest in a few chunky bracelets, chain necklaces and pair of chandelier earrings to jazz up a masculine look.

6. Play around with the trend. Opt for pants that are cropped just below the ankle to show off a pair of statement heels, or wear a jacket with cropped sleeves over a dress during summer.

7. Keep make-up minimal by focusing only on the eyes and keeping your lips simple. For added evening glamour, a simple red pout will draw a stunning contrast with a masculine outfit.

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