Having come a long way from Granny’s wardrobe, hats have replaced sunnies as the coolest summer accessory. Here’s how to pick one that suits you

perfect hat for face shape

This season’s hottest accessory isn’t something you can just put on your head for instant style. When it comes to hats it’s all about how and not so much what you wear. A hat needs to match your personal style and, most importantly, your personality. There are a variety of hat options available. Use our guide to make sure you choose one that suits your style and shape:

Your body shape
Wide-brimmed, round hats best suit taller women and also complement curvaceous figures, while petite women appear overwhelmed in them. So if you’re small-framed, you may want to opt for something with a narrow brim and low crown.

Choose a hat based on your face shape
Oval-shaped face: If you have an oval-shaped face, you can get away with wearing any hat style. Be careful not to choose a hat with a crown that is narrower than your jawbone – this is unflattering to any face shape.
Long face: Hats with narrow brims add length to your face, so steer clear of them. Choose wide hats with curled or floppy brims.
Round face: Always choose angular-shaped hats that are wider than your face, with high brims. Round, circular or floppy-shaped hats will make your face appear more round. Also avoid brimless hats and low round crowns that emphasize the roundness of the face.
Square face: Pick a hat that draws the attention away from the width of your face. Try wearing a hat that slants on one side as it shades part of your face, making it appear slimmer.

Try one on for size
The average size for a women’s hat is 54cm. However, you should always try on a hat before you purchase it. If you feel ridiculous trying hats on in the store, use a fitting room instead as it will be more private. If you don’t have time to try one on, go for something with an elasticised brim.

Think about your tresses
Hats also complement different hairstyles, so be careful to consider how you plan to style your hair when you wear it. When you’re shopping for a hat, take a hair scrunchy along with you if you’re planning on wearing your hair up. Berets look great on long sleek hair while bowler hats suit bed head best.

How to wear the
With the rise of the masculine fashion trend, more and more women have started wearing this historically male fashion choice. Trilbies look fantastic worn with a stiff cotton shirt, a waistcoat, cigarette style pants and a pair of killer heels. The trilby can add a touch of masculinity to a floral winter dress.

The beanie has always been a fashion favourite. This hat perfectly complements the grunge looks that is big this season, but make sure to wear it squashed (not folded) on your head and team with scrunched up leather gloves to add extra spunk to your outfit.

Wide-brimmed hat
These hats offer a dramatic addition to a bland outfit and can be should be worn with minimal accessories. Try wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat with pretty summer dress or kaftan, teamed with gladiator sandals.

Bowler hat
Fashion’s massive equestrian influence has led to the popularity of the bowler hat. But this item is not to be worn with tights and riding boots. Instead team it with a pair of short shorts, a crocheted gilet and ankle boots for a more casual Bohemian look.

A beret adds French flair to any outfit. Team with a simple pair of jeans, white T-shirt and a waistcoat for effortless Parisian chic.

This jaunty hat perks up any drab outfit. It’s best to pair it with dresses, skirts and heels to avoid overdoing the masculine look.

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