Are you mustering up the courage to embark on a solo travel journey this year? Here’s why you should travel on your own.

Solo travel tips for women

You’ll have a completely new perspective

Travelling alone changes your perspective of the world, the way you view yourself and treat others. You learn to be a little kinder to yourself – accepting yourself the way you are. You’ll learn to appreciate other people, from the kind stranger who assists you with changing a flat tyre, to the friends you meet on your journey. And you’ll develop a greater understanding and respect for other customs and beliefs after experiencing them firsthand.

You can do whatever you want

Being abroad on your own is one of the few situations which will allow you to indulge in selfish choices. If you feel like getting lost in museums, ziplining or lounging on a beach all day – go ahead. While you’re at it – go off the grid. Don’t check your e-mail or your newsfeeds. Turn off your phone and blame it on poor signal coverage. This also gives you the chance to discover your true passions, free of outside influence.

You’ll learn to enjoy your own company

Travelling alone forces you to confront elements outside of your comfort zone, such as being in a public place alone. Instead of hiding behind the menu, or scrolling through pretend texts, you’ll learn to quietly enjoy the experience of dining or walking on your own.

Your appreciate simple pleasures

Depending on the nature or duration of your trip, you may find yourself deprived of comforts that are freely available at home – hot water, quality food or even wifi. You’ll return home with a renewed appreciation for the simple things.

You shed your neurosis

Travelling solo allows you time to reflect and focus on what’s important. You care less about what other people think, you learn to shrug of negative comments and waste less time and money on material possessions. Instead, you are more present and open to new experiences.

You become more flexible

When spontaneous opportunities to experience new cultures or cuisines arise, you learn to grasp them. Similarly, when things don’t go according to your itinerary, you learn to make alternative arrangements on the fly.

You’ll meet new friends

Travelling in a group lends itself to more cliquey behaviour. Being alone forces you to interact with new people. You’ll encounter interesting people from various cultural backgrounds, who may also be travelling on their own.

You return, fearlessly independent.

Nothing boosts your confidence like venturing out on your own and returning having conquered the challenges of solo travel. Relying on yourself while you navigate a strange land, gives you a true sense of accomplishment – not to mention a true sense of freedom.

Will you travel alone in 2015? Where would you like to go? Tell us in the comments below.

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