Studies have shown that successful people tend to wake up before 5am. Want to know what they get up to?


They break a sweat

The morning is the perfect time to work out, as it will give you an energy and endorphin boost for the rest of day. Working out in a less crowded environment also allows you the opportunity to mentally prepare for the day without interruptions. It won’t be easy to drag yourself out of bed at 5am, so choose an activity that you really enjoy, be it running, yoga or meditation. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on the crisp morning air.

They read the news

Instead of checking your e-mail, set aside a few minutes to catch up on the events that occurred while you were sleeping. Whether you’re listening to the radio while working out or checking your Twitter feed, being aware of what’s happening in the world will help put your day into perspective. Plus you’ll have a few conversation topics for your morning commute.

They plan their day

Increase your productivity by planning your day before it has begun. Listing your tasks and goals, before everyone else’s requests filter in, will lead to a more organised and manageable day. Eliminate stress by setting aside time in your schedule for breaks and healthy snacks.

They tackle their most challenging projects

Early morning is the perfect time to take on the projects you’re most likely to procrastinate from, as your energy levels will be high and with fewer interruptions, you will be able to focus. Plus, nothing beats starting off your day with a sense of accomplishment.

And lastly, they sit down to enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast.

Be awesome today.

How do you like to spend the first hour of your day? Tell us in the comments box below.

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