Add extra oomph to your beauty routine with these beauty tips for a touch of winter glam.


Rosy cheeks

Your warm blush doesn’t have to disappear with your summer tan. Add warmth to your face by applying blusher to your cheekbones. (To identify your cheekbones, smile in front of a mirror. Your cheekbones will “pop up” just underneath your eyes. Add a darker shade of blusher to the area just below your cheekbones to add definition to your cheeks.

Soft lips

Dry winter conditions call for a more nourishing beauty routine. Guard lips against weather damage by gently exfoliating using a soft-bristled toothbrush and lip balm.

Tame your tresses

Winter can wreak havoc on your hair. To combat frizz apply a spritz of smoothing serum or argan oil after styling. If your hairdryer has a cool-shot function, set your style with a blast of cool air before heading outside.


The heaters, hot baths and cold conditions of winter tend to dry out your skin. Bath in lukewarm water and use a bath oil instead of a dehydrating hot bubble bath. Exfoliate your skin and apply a moisturising shaving gel before shaving. Keep your skin supple by applying a creamy, indulgent body butter to your damp skin every day.

Bright eyes

Applying highlighter or silver eyeliner to the inner and outer corners will make your eyes appear brighter. And sweeping gold eye shadow on the ball of your eyelid will perk up tired eyes.

Glam hands

The average person washes their hands eight times a day, which can seriously dry out your skin. Exfoliate your hands gently once a week and apply a light moisturiser every time you’ve washed your hands. Before pushing back your cuticles, soften them by soaking your hands in luke-warm water. Then apply a vitamin-rich hand-and-nail cream before applying nail polish.

Treat your feet

Feet that are stuck in socks and boots all day are prone to callouses and dry patches. Treat your feet to a creamy tea-tree foot mask. Then soak your feet in luke-warm water and massage them once a week to encourage blood circulation.

What are your essential winter beauty hacks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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